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Who we are

Yanzo is the text-based, digital assistant of choice for over 3000 customers across the world. With over a hundred 5-star reviews, we always ensure you get what you want! Simply text Yanzo with your requirements and sit back while we handle it all! Whether its arranging the perfect day, buying an item, taking care of your home, renting a car or anything else that comes to your mind, Yanzo can handle it all!

How it works

Simply text Yanzo through your favorite texting channel and signup for our services. From there on, everything you need will be a text away! Dont believe us? Try Us!

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Behind it all

Yanzo was originally created by two co-founders, who simply did not have enough time to enjoy their lives. They were hard working individuals and family owners who wondered if there was a way to delegate their everyday chores and spend more time enjoying the little things in life and hence Yanzo was created!

Mohammed Jaffar


Magida Abaza

Head of Operations

Tarek Osman

Wassim Aboueida